About dVest Labs

We build products that decentralize financial opportunities.

dVest Labs is a community of developers, marketers, financial experts, and others who have come to together to create decentralized finance applications intended to show value and potential in web3 development.

'The dVest Ecosystem' consists of the following dVest Labs projects: NetWorth DAO is a venture capital fund protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that is inflation-adaptive, maintains a minimum risk-free value (RFV), and is backed by a selection of assets and investment strategies voted on by the community. In simple terms, NETW is an algorithmic currency backed by treasury assets that maintains a floating market-driven price. Treasury assets are invested, similar to a venture capital fund, into protocols and projects decided and voted on by the community. NetWorth also has staking and bonding mechanisms: Staking NETW tokens earns more NETW tokens (generated from treasury earnings), and bonding NETW tokens allows users to purchase new NETW tokens at a discount (ensuring permanent liquidity for NETW markets).

dDEXX.io (the dVest DEX) is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. dDEXX features easy and fast exchange functionality, profitable liquidity pools, and high APR yield farms, where users can earn dDEXX tokens, fees from exchange transactions, and much more.

Crypto Price Index is the very first token ecosystem of its kind, which provides options for users to gain broad exposure to the cryptocurrency market through our ‘CPIx’ tokens. Unlike other indices of its kind, CPIx tokens are novel in their approach of showing token holders a diversified range of assets across a cross-section of the cryptocurrency markets. The CPI (CPI) flagship tokens are a governance token, used to represent an interest in the health of the CPIx token ecosystem. CPIx tokens are backed by component assets, held via an escrow smart contract, and each CPIx token holds the underlying assets which can be redeemed at anytime without third party involvement.

DeFiVest is a non-custodial decentralized finance liquidity protocol for borrowing and lending.Users can draw the stablecoin LUSD interest-free against their Ether used as collateral. They can thus obtain liquidity for free without any recurring costs. Lenders earn interest in the form of staking rewards, which result in an average APR of 13-25%

dDEXX (DDEXX) tokens are the reward token paid to users who provide liquidity and use the farms/pools on dDEXX, the dVest decentralized exchange (DEX).

CPI (CPI) tokens are a governance token, used to represent an interest in the health of the CPIx token ecosystem.

CPIx (CPIx) tokens are backed by component assets, held via an escrow smart contract. In order to mint CPIx tokens, component assets must be deposited to the balancer pool. Users can mint CPIx Tokens by depositing token assets, such as ETH or wrapped BTC. In order to redeem tokens, users can redeposit their CPIx back to the smart contract, simultaneously receiving their underlying assets and burning the CPIx specific to that contract, e.g. CPI5. The token will then self balance.

dVest X (DVSX) is a deflationary cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain that grants holders instant rewards on all transactions. All transactions contribute tax towards buy back and marketing funds as well.

Contact us anytime with questions or comments: info@dvest.io

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