The dVest X (DVSX) Token


dVest X (DVSX) is a deflationary cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain that grants holders instant rewards on all transactions. All transactions contribute tax towards buy back and marketing funds as well.

Contract Address

Why Buy $DVSX?

Passive Income
Each transaction made with $DVSX is charged a 3% reward tax. By HODLing $DVSX in your wallet, you will be automatically rewarded a percentage of the distribution according to the percentage of total tokens you own.
Automated Buybacks
Each transaction made with $DVSX is charged a 2% buyback tax. Unlike a burn from non-circulating supply, the buyback immediately transfers value to the token holders and the community by purchasing tokens from the open market to burn.
Marketing Fund
Each transaction made with $DVSX is charged a 5% marketing fund tax. This ensures that there is constantly an adequate budget to raise awareness and attract new users to the dVest X ecosystem.

Transaction Fee Breakdown

3% Rewards to Holders
2% BuyBack Budget
5% Marketing Fund