Money Market Index dETP Fund

A true DeFi diversified high-yield savings account.

CMMI is an index of interest-bearing USD stablecoin exposure.


  • Diversified exposure to some of DeFi’s best yields, while minimizing your risk to any particular stablecoin.

  • Automatic rebalancing — handled by the underlying liquidity pool.

  • Earn swap fees from trades that interact with the underlying liquidity pool.

  • Earn interest on your holdings, for life!


The initial make up of the CMMI is:

Aave Interest Bearing DAI (aDAI): 16.66%

Aave Interest Bearing USDC (aUSDC): 16.66%

Aave Interest Bearing SUSD (aSUSD): 16.66%

Aave Interest Bearing TUSD (aTUSD): 16.66%

Aave Interest Bearing BUSD (aBUSD): 16.66%

Yearn (yDAI+uUSDC+yUSDT+yTUSD): 16.66%


  • Must be an interest-bearing stablecoin (or pool of interest-bearing stablecoins) to be included in our asset pool.

  • No more than 20% of the fund in any one given product.

  • Does not make up more than 30% of deposits in any one particular product (to ensure minimal yield dilution).

How do I participate?

CMMI launches on September 10th UTC at

Treasury Incentives

CMMI aims to be a safe, set-and-forget product for treasuries to hold diversified stables. As part of the CMMI launch, we invite treasuries to apply for the CMMI Treasury Partnership.

CMMI Treasury Partners are selected treasuries that make an initial deposit of any amount into CMMI, during its 4-week launch period. Benefits include:

  • Lifetime whitelist in future beta products

  • If a partner’s initial deposit exceeds $100K USDT value, they get 2,500 dDAO tokens per $100K deposited, for up to 100,000 dDAO. dDAO holders get full voting and participation rights in the dVest Labs DAO, plus earn a proportionate percentage of dVest Labs revenues. The minimum deposit period is 2 weeks.

Applications open now, email us if you are interested or reach out on Discord.

Referrals are also greatly appreciated.

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