What is the NetWorth DAO?

NetWorth DAO is the next evolution of the investment DAO protocol. The DAO uses its protocol controlled value to reward token holders with exceptional yields. At the same time, it uses its treasury reserves to invest in and incubate innovative projects. NetWorth DAO uses a portion of bond profits to invest in high-quality crypto assets, effectively turning the DAO into an on-chain venture fund. The DAO will also help incubate and build projects from the earliest stages. All tokens acquired by the DAO will be owned by the treasury, creating exponential value and unmatched upside for investors. In addition to the high risk start up ventures, the DAO will also invest in much more stable, low risk investments, such as stablecoin lending, in order to balance out the risk and ensure value for our DAO members.

Are you forking OHM?

Yes, we are forking OHM; however, we are implementing a unique strategy for the treasury. We want our protocol controlled value, or PCV, to have more depth than simply representing a floor price / treasury for our token. OHM created something incredible with PCV, and we want to progress this concept even further utilizing our Venture Capital Fund, and by putting our stablecoin reserve to work.

What exactly is the Venture Capital Fund?

As stated above, a percentage of bonded assets will be directed to a fund that will be used to incubate and invest in new, disruptive projects. NetWorth DAO will be highly involved, helping ideate projects and helping founders build their projects from the earliest stages. The Venture Capital Fund will also be used to invest projects that are further along but have yet to launch their token, giving token holders early exposure to projects they otherwise wouldn’t be able to invest in. Our network effect, community engagement, and synergies will allow us to build and scale projects quickly and efficiently; while providing investors with an unparalleled opportunity to invest in early-stage crypto projects.

How will these startup projects be vetted?

The core team & DAO leadership will actively perform due diligence on the projects. We have a robust team, including those with early-stage investing experience, marketing, product management, design, and engineering. This will all go into vetting the projects that we consider investing in. Additionally, any use of funds we make from the treasury will be voted on by the DAO (token holders). DAO leadership will present their findings to the rest of the DAO and then hold a vote.

How will you mitigate risk when choosing projects for the Venture Capital Fund?

The projects we invest in will likely be at a later stage, closer to their launch, so those inherently are less risky and we will be able to see community, traction, and product. For earlier projects that are less proven, we plan on having a very active relationship with those teams, helping them incubate and grow. We even envision ourselves having developers reach out to us telling us that they want to build something, and us providing them with an idea and infrastructure to start. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including crypto venture capital investing, blockchain development, product management, and marketing. Additionally, the DAO will vote and ultimately be the arbiter of any decision made by the Venture Capital Fund.

What chain are you launching on?

Initially, we're launching on BNB Chain. If the DAO community decides to do so we are open to expanding to different networks.

What are the networks you first had in mind when branching out?

At first, the focus will be around BNB projects. We are extremely bullish on BNB and its ecosystem and have gotten some incredible support/partnerships, so naturally, we will be very active there. Mid/long-term, we definitely plan on getting involved with other chains. EVM compatible chains will be the first stop due to the ease of integration. We will let the community vote on which chain to expand to next once we are ready.

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