The CPI (CPI) Token

The CPI token is a governance token, which is used to represent an interest in the health of the CPIX token ecosystem.

In this way, the CPI token will be the core unit of the CPI ecosystem, as it’s directly used to access our products and services, and is in no way an investment by itself.

CPI token holders will be able to reward or penalise participants in the CPI network. CPI holders are incentivised to participate in the governance of the ecosystem through coin burns.

Addresses & Protocols

CPI ERC-20 Token

Contract Address:


Ticker: CPI

CPI BEP-20 Token

Contract Address:


Ticker: CPI

Where is CPI Trading?

In addition to most active DEXs, you can buy and sell CPI on Bilaxy, Hotbit, Digifinex, Bitforex, and many more.

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