dVest DAO (dDAO) Token

This page explains the governance structure of dVest Labs and associated projects.

dVest Labs DAO & Governance

dVest Labs Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO):

Governing Token: dVestDAO (dDAO) - Price: 0.0035 BNB

Address: 0xb6E5cB7f1cd37cD8828a45b715fBDB9a7E5149Fe


dVest Labs is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), operated by its community and developers. All decisions are handled by public vote, and all operations, finances, investments, holdings, and decision making are 100% transparent, blockchain verifiable, and fully decentralized.

All proceeds from purchases of dDAO tokens go directly into the dVest Labs treasury, where dDAO holders vote on how funds are to be invested, and funds can only be spent with a majority vote.

dDAO holders share in the profits generated by dDAO holdings and investments.

dVest Ecosystem Projects

dVest Labs DAO holds a portion of tokens, and thereby a portion of governance (typically 49% or less), in dVest Ecosystem Projects created individually or jointly by dVest Labs and it's partners. The remainder of the governance in these projects is controlled by their respective communities (typically 51% or more).

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